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Hassinen Veljekset Oy



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Hassinen Veljekset Oy    Havelintie 1                   82900 Ilomantsi
Puh: +358 400 294 900 
Fax:  +358  13  881 904


Innovatively in Ilomantsi!

Hassinen Veljekset Oy started 40 years ago as a timber carrier company. Since 1989 company has developed innovative products in it´s own metalworkshop. Products are tested by company´s own forest maschines.

Answer to needs of us and customers was borned idea of our primary product; producing Havel protective spirals. Producing methods and tools for spirals have been developed in company during years.

Innovativeness and pure care of customer´s needs are one of our markable values. We react fast to customer´s needs. Havel´s operations are realised cost-effectively in our own, modern premises. Also our personnel is well committed in company´s aims. Our company is located Easternmost county in  European Union, from where  we have excellent views and transportation also towards West and East. Our operations and logistics work quick and effectively. We have ISO 9001 ja 14001 quality- and enviromentsystem in use.

Team Havel serve you with pleasure!


Merja Hakola
Sales Manager

Tel: +358 400 294 900

Seppo Hassinen
Managing Director

Tel: +358 400 294 901